Exciting Roof Types for Your Dog House

Exciting Roof Types for Your Dog House

Modern day dog lovers are hardly stingy when it comes to creating fascinating, beautiful and even funny dog houses.  You can see creative dog homes on properties all over the world when you scout doggy homes online on popular sites like Pinterest.  If it is time to give your favourite pooch’s home a makeover then you can certainly consider the following exciting roof types.

Exciting Roof Types for Your Dog House

Exciting Roof Types for Your Dog House

1. The Flat-Roofed Doghouse

This is the easiest dog house to build.  A square shaped dog house can easily be constructed with a roof that has an incline to the back of the house.  This will allow water to drain from your dog’s house with ease and if you give the roof an overhang, your dog’s front access or porch should stay nice and dry as well as shaded all year round.

2. The A-Frame Doghouse

A frame dog houses are also pretty easy to construct.  These houses don’t have much wall since the roof slopes down to the ground.  You only need to cover the back part of the doghouse, install flooring and cover the front with a doggy door installed and your dog will enjoy great protection for many years to come.

3. The Grass Roof Doghouse

These are also considered hobbit dog houses because they have the same look of a hobbit house that is dug into the ground.  Instead, a grass roof dog house is built on top of the surface but has a rounded roof that is covered in dirt.  The grass is then grown all over the dog house and provides a very interesting garden look.

4. The Loft Roof Doghouse

These are some of the most beautiful and functional doghouses in existence.  A doghouse with a loft roof basically has a platform installed on top of the doghouse.  Pets can then choose to lie inside their houses or to climb on top where they can enjoy a much better view of the garden.

5. The Open Top Doghouse

If you always find it hard to get into your dog’s house to give it a proper clean then you will love a dog house that has a convertible top.  You can open the top in order to get stuff out of your dog’s house, care for a sick dog or to give the house a nice clean.

Get a Professional Roofer for Dog Roofs

It is always best to get a professional roofing company to fix up or replace your dog home’s roof.  Professionals will ensure that the job gets done right the first time around so your beloved pet will be nice and safe.

Get Your Own Roof Fixed While You Are At It

While you are getting your dog’s roof fixed, you might as well tend to a few roofing issues in your home.  You can order all sorts of roofing repairs such as roofing replacement, gutter installation, and repair or Siding repair by Rideline Roofers when you get your dog’s home fixed up.  These fixes will ensure that your home also enjoys the best attention and will extend the life expectancy and functionality of your own roof dramatically.


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